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Florihana is a family owned distillery that produces a wide range of organic aromatherapy products such as essential oils, hydrolats (floral water), vegetables oils and natural/organic cosmetics.With over 20 years’ experience in the distillation of aromatic and medicinal plants, the Florihana distillery is committed to strict quality control. The numerous certified labels used by Florihana guarantee its unique know-how.


Part of the Plant

Method of Cultivation

Airless Pump
Airless Pump Empty Bottles
Aizome Tansy
Aizome Tansy Face Oil
Angelica Root Organic
Angelica Root Organic Essential Oils
Anise Essential Oils
Apricot Seed Organic
Apricot Seed Organic Carrier Oils
Argan Organic
Argan Organic Carrier Oils
Arnica Organic
Arnica Organic Macerated Oils
Avocado Organic
Avocado Organic Carrier Oils
Balsam Fir Organic
Balsam Fir Organic Essential Oils
Basil Exotic Organic
Basil Exotic Organic Essential Oils
Basil Linalool Organic
Basil Linalool Organic Essential Oils
Bay Laurel Organic
Bay Laurel Organic Essential Oils
Bay Laurel Organic
Bay Laurel Organic Hydrosols
Benzoin Organic
Benzoin Organic Essential Oils
Bergamot Bergapten Free Organic
Bergamot Bergapten Free Organic Essential Oils
Bergamot Organic
Bergamot Organic Essential Oils
Bilberry -Blueberry Organic
Bilberry -Blueberry Organic Carrier Oils
Black Cumin Organic
Black Cumin Organic Carrier Oils
Black Pepper Organic
Black Pepper Organic Essential Oils
Black Spruce Organic
Black Spruce Organic Essential Oils
Blackberry Seed Organic
Blackberry Seed Organic Carrier Oils
Blackcurrant Organic
Blackcurrant Organic Carrier Oils
Blackcurrant-Organic Gemmotherapy
Blue Tansy Organic
Blue Tansy Organic Essential Oils
Borage Organic
Borage Organic Carrier Oils
Brazil Nut Organic
Brazil Nut Organic Carrier Oils
Cajeput Organic
Cajeput Organic Essential Oils
Camelina Organic
Camelina Organic Carrier Oils
Camphor (White)
Camphor (White) Essential Oils
Caraway Organic
Caraway Organic Essential Oils
Cardamom Organic
Cardamom Organic Essential Oils
Carrot Organic
Carrot Organic Macerated Oils
Cassia Organic
Cassia Organic Essential Oils
Castor Oil Organic
Castor Oil Organic Carrier Oils
Cedar Of Lebanon Organic
Cedar Of Lebanon Organic Gemmotherapy
Cedarwood Atlas Organic
Cedarwood Atlas Organic Essential Oils