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Florihana is a family owned distillery that produces a wide range of organic aromatherapy products such as essential oils, hydrolats (floral water), vegetables oils and natural/organic cosmetics.

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Our Name

Florihana was born in 1993 from the marriage of 2 cultures; the French and the Japanese. The first part of the word Florihana comes from the French adjective “floral “which means “of the flower". The second part comes from the Japanese word “Hana” (はな/花/ハナ) which means flower.

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Our Laboratory

Florihana has been filtering hydrolats for more than 10 years. Our facility allows us to guarantee microbiological cleanliness thanks to our stainless steel and glass system and our bottle filling procedure which includes the disinfection of all our bottles and caps with organic alcohol. We systematically do microbiological testing on all batches and publish the results on the data sheets for each product.

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A French Distillery Specialized in 100% Pure and Organic Essential Oils

The distillery can be found on the Caussols plateau at more than 1000 meters of altitude. Florihana is a family owned distillery that produces a wide range of organic aromatherapy products such as essential oils, hydrosols ( hydrolats ), vegetables oils and natural/organic cosmetics. Florihana was established in an area naturally rich in biodiversity close to Grasse where flowers and wild plants thrive. Every year, wild plants are harvested by hand and with respect for nature. Florihana pays particular attention to the flowers and plants chosen to make high quality organic products. With over 20 years’ experience in the distillation of aromatic and medicinal plants, the Florihana distillery is committed to strict quality control. The numerous certified labels used by Florihana guarantee its unique know-how.

100% Pure and Organic Aromatherapy Products

The essential oils and hydrolats from Florihana are made from an innovative distillation process at low temperature. This innovative technique allows the distillation to be performed at lower temperatures in order to preserve the characteristics of molecules produced by plants and obtain a very pure essential oil. The Hydrolats, also called floral water, which are made from the distillation water, also present an exceptional level of quality. Florihana is committed to the preservation of biodiversity and of traditional ways of harvesting wild plants. The wild lavender is harvested by hand every summer in Caussols on the mountains surrounding the distillery at 1450 meters of altitude (5600 feet altitude). For the sourcing of other plants that do not grow on the surrounding area Florihana makes a very strict selection based on analysis and organic certified labels such as: AB, JAS, ECOCERT, USDA, COSMOS ORGANIC.

Producer of Organic and Natural Skincare Products

Plants virtues are a source of well-being that could help us to relieve everyday aches and pains. Thanks to its experience and laboratory research Florihana has innovated to create personal care products without chemicals and that respect the organism.Vegetable oils and Floral waters can be applied safely, directly on the skin. Essential oils are very concentrated products, which is why it is recommended to use them for diffusion, massage (diluted with vegetable oil), baths…Thanks to its know-how, Florihana developed a line of organic cosmetics. All the shower gels and creams are entirely made of noble organic and natural ingredients.