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The Florihana Diffusers

With powerful natural virtues, essential oils can also be diffused to promote well-being on a daily basis. Whether at home or in the office, for yourself or as a gift, the different models of Florihana diffusers, easy to use and maintain, are genuine wellness accessories to create a personalized fragrant atmosphere and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of your favorite essential oils in a different way.

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Choose from our range of Florihana diffusers the option that suits you best:  

• The Microparticles Diffuser, a highly efficient nebulization system that preserves the therapeutic properties of essential oils without using any heat or water.

• The Ultrasonic Diffuser, a very silent way to diffuse and enjoy the benefits of aroma, transforming an aqueous phase into micro-droplets (steam) without heat. This model is also very handy to carry. 

• The Ceramic Diffuser, a travel-size accessory ideal for small interior spaces which can be placed anywhere for a smooth natural diffusion.