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Airless Pump

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Our Airless Pump is the ideal container for homemade cosmetics (oils, water based, gels, creams etc.). This pump also protects them from external contamination thanks to its airless system (no contact with air and minimized oxidation).

Designed for single use only, our Airless Pump is delivered in 2 parts with an empty bottle and a pump to be clipped on the latter. There is no straw attached on the pump because it is an airless system that does not need one.

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How does it work ?

The package "airless" allows to avoid contact of the product with the external environment and protect it from contamination and oxidation. The packaging consists of two parts once assembled (the upper part (cap + airless pump) and the bottom part (bottle). The bottom part is composed with an inflexible polyethylene external layer and a flexible polypropylene internal layer which retracts whenever you press the airless pump and remains in this position since there is no air inside. Thus, the internal layer will shrink to return all the product.The airless bottle is 100% recyclable, environmentally friendly and certified by Ecocert for a better respect of the product and the environment.

The pump also has a locking mechanism


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Empty Bottles
Airless Pump