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The Gemmotherapy was founded by Dr. Henry Pol in the 1950s. The word “gemmotherapy” comes from Latin "gemmae, " which means both bud and precious stone (an allusion to the apparent stability of the buds in winter and their preciousness) The buds are macerated for a minimum of 40 days in a mixture of water, vegetable glycerine and organic alcohol to extract the active ingredients. Florihana uses only handpicked buds from sites inspected by Ecocert.      

Blackcurrant-Organic Gemmotherapy
Cedar Of Lebanon Organic
Cedar Of Lebanon Organic Gemmotherapy
Cowberry Organic
Cowberry Organic Gemmotherapy
Fig Tree Organic
Fig Tree Organic Gemmotherapy
Gemmocold Organic
Gemmocold Organic Gemmotherapy
Gemmostress Organic
Gemmostress Organic Gemmotherapy
Gemmoveins Organic
Gemmoveins Organic Gemmotherapy
Gemmowinter Organic
Gemmowinter Organic Gemmotherapy