• Information Concerning My Online Account

    • How to create an account on our website?

    • You can create your account directly on our homepage by clicking on the link at the top right above the shopping basket called "SIGN IN”. Then, you have to fill in the user account creation form named “CREATE AN ACCOUNT”.
      Afterwards, please enter the following information: personal information, e-mail address and choose your confidential password. At the bottom of the page please choose “CREATE”. Your account is now created you will receive by email an activation link to complete the registration process.

    • How can I change my account’s information?

    • 1. Click on the "SIGN IN" link in the upper right corner above the basket.


      3. Change the chosen information

      4. Save

    • Payment Issue (declined credit card)

    • Accepted credit cards: VISA, MASTERCARD.

      Your credit card payment might be refused; especially for payments coming from the United States. The reason for this is a security set up by your bank.

      Two solutions are suggested:

      - Contact your bank and ask for the releasing of the payment

      - You can also pay through PayPal

    • Which currency is used for the payments?

    • The transaction will be made in Euro.

    • Is the on-line payment safe?

    • All the information related to the online payment are protected and secured.

      All transactions are done through our bank’s secured server (SSL) « CIC Lyonnaise de Banque » or through PayPal.

  • Information on the VAT (Consumption Tax)

    • How is the 20% VAT calculated?

    • The French VAT is not applied in the following situations:

      1. For professional customers living inside the European Community (except for France) and having a European Union VAT number.

      2. For customers living outside the European Community.

    • Tax Refund

    • For foreigners travelling in Europe, a Tax Refund can be done for a minimum amount of 175€ including taxes.

      In order to do the Tax Refund we need to prepare a letter that has to be given at the airport customs. Right after placing your order please send us by email at [email protected] we need the following information:

      Passport number, date of birth of the passport’s owner, nationality, expiry date of the passport, country and the address of residence in your home country.

      Please note that the name of the passport’s owner has to be the same on the invoice. If the name is different, customs will refuse your tax refund.

      Concerning the refund:

      - If the process is done in an electronic way, no need to send us back the customs form.

      - On the other hand, if the customs form (Exportation Sales Form) is stamped, it absolutely needs to be sent back to us to the following postal address:

      Les Grands Prés
      06460 Caussols
      Phone: 04 93 09 06 09

      Once the electronic confirmation received from the customs system, or the stamped form sent by you, we will proceed to the VAT refund.

  • Information About Order and Delivery

    • What are the costs and the delivery lead time?

    • FLORIHANA handles your order immediately. You get your delivery within a lead-time of 3 to 10 days with FEDEX and 5 to 15 with Colisimo.

      Freight costs are automatically calculated on our website, according to the real gross weight of your box (products + packaging)

    • Do you ship internationally?

    • FLORIHANA delivers in France and all around the world (subject to exceptions)

    • How can I know where is my order?

    • A tracking number is assigned to every shipping. It will be sent to you by mail, the day of shipping, with the link to the on-line tracking for FEDEX or Collisimo.

      Thereby, you will be able to follow the progress of your boxes every day.

       Please write your tracking number (made up of 12 numbers for FEDEX and 2 letters + 9 numbers +2 letters for Collisimo ) that was sent to you by mail on:

      -Shipping by FEDEX on www.fedex.com

      -Shipping by Collisimo on www.laposte.fr

    • Is my order insured?

    • All our shipments are covered by an insurance. However, should your order not be delivered within a minimum delay of 10 days after reception of our confirmation mail, please advise us in order to allow us to get further information from the concerned carrier.

      These researches may last from 5 to 10 days for FEDEX shipping's and 3 weeks for a Collisimo Shipping's.

  • Information About Our Products

  • The information concerning all our product mentioned on our website are from bibliographic books published by professionnals Doctor.Those information are issued as an advice but in any case it can't be substituted by a prescriptions or advice given by a professionnal Doctor. Only Doctors are authorized to deliver the most appropriate therapeutic treatment.Florihana declines all responsibility in the event of an accident, injury, allergies or prejudice suffered by anyone who would use or practice self-medication based on the advices written on our website.

    • Lifespan and Preservation of Products After Opening

    • All our products are stored in a cold room, at a constant temperature and a maximum of 15 °C (59°F). Essential oils, vegetable oils and hydrosols are sensitive to heat that could strongly damage them with a microbial infection.

      Our advice:

      At the reception of your order, we recommend to store the products immediately in a cold room or even in your refrigerator, or in a cool place away from light.

      In this way, you increase the lifespan of your products and will keep their therapeutics qualities. After being opened, products absolutely need to be refrigerated.

      Essential oils:

      - Essential oils distilled by steam have a 5 years lifespan

      - Essential oils (essences) extracted by cold pressure, as lemon, orange, … have a 3 years lifespan.

      After opening:Essential oils absolutely need to be preserved in their original packaging (amber glass flask) away from light, air and in a cold place.

      Please note that citrus essential oils are more sensitive to oxidation.

      Vegetable oils:

      - Vegetable oils have a 3 years lifespan

      After opening: Vegetable oils can be preserved until the Use by date (this date is indicated on the bottom of the label), preferably at a temperature of 15°C (59°F) in its original packaging (blue plastic bottle), away from light.

      Maceration oils:

      - Maceration oils have a 4 years lifespan.

      After opening:maceration oils can be preserved until the Use by date (this date is indicated on the bottom of the label), preferably at a temperature of 15°C (59°F) in its original packaging (blue plastic bottle), away from light.


      - Hydrosols have a 6 months lifespan, unless they are preserved in a refrigerated place.

      For the most sensitive ones, like Corn Flower, Hamamelis, Melissa, St John’s Wort, Linden, Centifolia Rose, Eucalyptus Globulus, please check at reception and opening that your hydrolat does not show any floating substance, showing a microbial infection.

      After opening: we recommend the use of the hydrosols within 2 months. Please note that our hydrosols include no preservative. So as to optimize this lifespan, please scrupulously follow our storage advices, but also make sure not to leave a bottle close to a constant light and to close the bottle after use.

      We also recommend to carefully wash your hands before each use.

    • Bottles Capacity

    • A bottle with a maximum capacity of 5 gr allows the filling of bottles of 2 gr and 5 gr. The capacity is written on your label.

      Important remark: 2 products of 5 gr each do not systematically have the same level of filling (as the densities can vary).

      You can find the density of each lot on the page of the concerned product on our website, in the sections:

      Analysis: for hydrosols, vegetable oils and macerated oil

      Chromatography: for essential oils and absolutes

      Please note that density is different for each lot.

    • How does the diffuser work?

    • For its use, some steps have to be observed:

      1. Open the essential oil bottle

      2. Two possible cases:

      You bought a bottle of essential oil Florihana and you want to avoid any mixing. In this case, please remove the drip (transparent plastic drip inserted in the bottle).

      You want to mix oils. In this case, transfer your oils into the empty bottle.

      3. Screw the black adapter (large black cork) on your bottle.

      4. Place the whole set inside the diffuser (watch out for the direction)

      5. Close the top of the diffuser

      6. Plug in your appliance with the adapter. The connection is located under the appliance (the cable is supplied in the box).

      Connect the USB cable to the diffuser. The other part of the cable has to be connected to the adapter: 100/240V supplied, or to the USB port of your computer.

      Be careful, the adapter is only usable with French sockets.

      7. Switch on the diffuser (large button in the center)

      8. Adjust the appliance according to your needs:

      Timer or diffusion period: press the timer button to switch it on. Press a second time for a diffusion period of 30 minutes. Press a third time for a diffusion period of 1 hour, and so on …

      The button “on int” allows the selection of the diffusion period

      The button “off int” allows the selection of a period between two diffusions.

      By pressing the central button (the one of the switching on or symbol on/off) you can, following some pressures, select the power of diffusion.

      9. Switch off the appliance with a pressure on the central button.

      This diffuser can exclusively be used for the diffusion of essential oils, without adding any water nor alcohol.

      It is highly recommended not to exceed 1h30 of diffusion per day.

      The diffusion area is 120-150 m2

      This diffuser is manufactured in China.

    • What can I do if my vegetable oil or essential oil turned solid?

    • Some essential oils  (and also absolutes) can turn solid due to a room temperature below 15°C (59°F). In order to unfreeze them all you need to do is to warm them between your hands in order to get them liquid and ready to use. If this is not effective, leave the product away from light at ambient temperature.

      Please note that the rose essential oils will turn solid at a temperature below 20°C (68°F).

    • How to open the essential oil bottle ?

    • There is a child security on the caps of the bottle you need to put pressure on top of the cap and then turn the cap counterclockwise as it is shown on the icon of the cap.

      If it still does not work please put the bottle on a level surface and push down using the entire arm/body weight, and twist counterclockwise it should release the lead.

      If you have purchased Florihana products before you will know that all of our essential oils come with a child security cap. Very occasionally, we find that the caps can be difficult to open.

      Usually it is possible to open the bottle by following these simple steps:

      - Firstly, if the cap is clicking rather than engaging the mechanism and turning then don't force it so that it clicks round and round. This can damage the mechanism and make it more difficult to open

      - Wear rubber gloves, or have a tea towel or cloth to hand - Boil your kettle and when it has boiled, put enough water in the bottom of a mug to cover the essential oil cap

      - Turn the bottle upside down and put it in the mug. Leave for a couple of minutes to warm the cap

      - Wearing rubber gloves (or using your towel or cloth), firmly grip the cap, press down and turn counterclockwise.

      This method should release the essential oil cap.

    • The Essential Oils 

    • Being manufacturers, General Directorate for Fair Trading, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control strictly forbid us to explain the modalities of use: information related to essential oils being mentioned in this website are issued from bibliographic publications published by health professionals. It is delivered for information purpose and should not substitute to advices and prescriptions filled by a doctor.

      Only a doctor is entitled to deliver the most appropriate therapy. Florihana disclaims all responsibility in case of accident, wound or any damage endured by anyone who would be practicing self-medication on the basis of the information included in this website.

    • Questions Related to Quality

    • For any documents request, such as Analysis Bulletins, IFRA, Technical data sheets, Material Safety Data Sheets and Allergens Certificates, or for any technical question, please send an email to [email protected].

    • Density

    • Density: a body density is the ratio of its volumetric mass and of a body volumetric mass taken as reference.

      For liquids, the reference body is pure water at 4°C (volumetric mass = 1kg/m3).

      Density is a size with no dimension, and its value converts with no unit of measurement.

      The volumetric mass for a liquid is: R= m / v

      “m” being the mass of a homogeneous substance, occupying a volume “v”.

      By definition, density is the ratio between two volumetric masses (volumetric mass of water). A body density is consequently given by the relation.

      Density (d) converts as follows: d = m / v

      In order to know the mass of a product according to its density, its density must be known.

      m = d x v

      In our bottles, we fix the mass of our products (2g, 5g, 15g and 50g for the essential oils).

      Thus, there is a volume difference according to the density.


      For the essential oil Coriander, the density is 0.862 if its weight is 5g, knowing that m = d x v -> v = m / d -> v = 5 / 0.862 = 5.80 ml

      For the essential oil Clove, the density is 1.042 if its weight is 5g, knowing that m = d x v -> v = m / d ->v = 5 / 1.042 = 4.80 ml

      The filling volume will thus be different accord the product and its density.

  • Cancellation and Return Conditions

    • Which products can I return once my box is opened?

    • All the products that have not been opened. However, we do not accept the hydrolats opened and unopened due to their fragility.

      The return costs are on your charge. Moreover, if the box routes through customs, we will not accept the extra cost on our charge.

      Upon receipt of the goods, our quality department will make a check of the product conformity.

      A credit note or refund will be processed according to your choice, and depending of the product condition.

    • Your payment has been made but you wish to cancel your order?

    • There are 3 different cases:

      Case 1: The order has not yet been prepared. We refund the order in its entirety.

      Case 2: The order has been prepared but not shipped: you lose 5% of the order amount (excluding taxes and freight costs).

      Case 3: The order has left Florihana and no refund will be accepted.

      Upon receipt of your order, you have a 15 days period to return the order (on your charge), except the hydrosols that cannot be refunded.

    • What are the terms and conditions in case of return or exchange?

    • If the received product does not meet your expectations. You can send it back to us in its original packaging, in a perfect condition, within the 10 days agreed period starting from the day of receipt.

      Please note that the return costs will be on your charge.

      The return address is:

      Les Grands Prés
      06460 Caussols
      Phone 04 93 09 06 09

      • We agree to refund it within 15 days after its receipt by us and according to the following terms and conditions:

      • 1. The box is returned without having been opened, we refund the price of the order except the hydrosols (due to their fragility) and the freight costs.

      • 2. The box is returned on your own decision, we refund the price of the product, but the freight costs remain on your charge.

      • 3. The product is returned because non-compliant, we refund the product, and the various freight costs.

      • 4. In case of leak during transportation, you have to send us a picture of the concerned product, as well as the weight, and we will refund the price of the lost product.