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Organic Oils for a Festive and Tasty Halloween

Organic Oils for a Festive and Tasty Halloween
Halloween is just around the corner! Unmissable in the United States, this traditional celebration of Celtic origin, where October 31st used to be considered the last day of the year and during which spirits came to visit the living on Earth, is a great opportunity to experience surprising and original recipes using organic essential and carrier oils for throwing a festive and tasty Halloween.  



Overall, the easiest way to use essential oils during this holiday rich in fantasy is to diffuse them indoors so as to create a warm and mysterious environment in the spirit of Halloween. In particular, several of them with bewitching and intense aromas are very much in line with this theme:

  • Sweet Orange: Fruity and uplifting, this Halloween-colored essential oil will make an excellent base for atmospheric diffusion to create a sweet and entertaining ambiance;

  • Frankincense: Deep and mesmerizing, stimulating and soothing, this woody scented oil is a must in diffusion to bring your home a touch of mystery; 

  • Ginger: A true natural tonic, this warm and spicy essential oil, slightly lemony and peppery, which also blends with citrus fruits nicely, is ideal for a vibrant and spirited atmosphere;

  • Clove Bud: Both powerful and stimulating, with an enigmatic perfume, this oil ideally blends with orange notes for a warm interior with lively spices; dilute well in another softer essential oil before diffusing;

  • Patchouli: Rich, suave and intense, the woody and musk aromas of this tonic and bewitching essential oil will be highly appreciated (in small quantity) to create an intense, captivating and mysterious atmosphere;  

Related products: Nutmeg, Clary Sage, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Cedar Wood, Sylvester Pine, Black Pepper, etc. 


We recommend not to exceed 30 minutes of continuous diffusion for adults, to space out the diffusion intervals as much as possible and to air your home regularly. As essential oils have strong effects and may not always be suitable for certain people, including pregnant women, we also recommend seeking the advice of a health professional specialized in aromatherapy before any use.



Spicy Orange 

Trick or Treat   

Enchanted Woods



Full of traditions, Halloween is also celebrated through cooking. A must in the kitchen, carrier oils are optimal to enhance in an original and tasty way all of your themed culinary recipes. Particularly, Pumpkin, Hazelnut and other autumnal flavors are in the spotlight on this festive day for a cooking that is rich in taste and creativity: 

  • Pumpkin Seed: Bold and fruity with subtle hints of hazelnut, this oil full of originality and typical of the fall will enhance your dishes (salads, soups, cooked vegetable, etc.) in a unique and appetizing way;
  • Hazelnut: With delicious aromas characteristic of hazelnut, this rather rare oil is prized for its subtle and fruity fragrance, perfect for refining your recipes with a sweet and savory taste; 
  • Argan: With a unique and refined flavor close to hazelnut and almond, Argan oil in cooking will also add truly original and delicate notes to your preparations;

  • Olive: Highly popular and with an exceptional nutritional value, the Olive carrier oil may be enjoyed both cooked and raw to bring a subtle and fruity taste to dishes and desserts.



  • Ginger and pumpkin soup with Pumpkin Seed carrier oil;

  • Roasted butternut and carrot salad with Pumpkin Seed carrier oil;

  • Oven roasted butternut with Hazelnut carrier oil; 

  • Hazelnut and cinnamon cake with Hazelnut carrier oil;

  • Sweet potato mash with Argan carrier oil;

  • Oriental and carrot salad Argan carrier oil; 

  • Mashed squash with Olive carrier oil; 

  • Carrot cake with Olive carrier oil; 

  • And many more themed recipes to try at home...  


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