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Cucurbita pepo

Our Pumpkin Seed Carrier Oil or Vegetable Oil (Cucurbita pepo) is certified organic (Cosmos Organic), 100% natural and pure. This oil is cold-pressed from the plants. This plant is cultivated in China.
Nourishing and regenerating.


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Mostly composed of omega-6 as well as omega-9, the Pumpkin Seed Carrier Oil deeply nourishes, moisturizes and revitalizes both skin and hair. Also rich in minerals and vitamin E, with antioxidant virtues, this oil helps slowing down the effects of skin aging and maintaining the skin's suppleness and radiance. Its regular application also strengthens the hair and promotes its regrowth.

Main properties: Nourishing, moisturizing, antioxidant, regenerating, softening, strengthening, promotes hair regrowth.  

With a relatively rich and thick texture, this oil is suitable for all skin types and more particularly for mature, dry or sensitive skins. It is also suitable for dry, dull, damaged or brittle hair.   

Country of Origin


Method of Cultivation


Part of the Plant




Organic Ingredients

100 %

Natural Ingredients

100 %

Extraction Process

Cold-Pressed - Deodorized





Botanical Name

Cucurbita pepo

Product Usage

Cosmetic Product


• Cosmetic care, massages.

• Suitable for all skin types. 

• Ideal for mature, dry or sensitive skins.

• Ideal for dry, dull, damaged or brittle hair.

The organic Pumpkin Seed Carrier Oil can be used singly and also serves as an excellent foundation for natural care treatments.



• Anti-aging facial care or serum, on cleansed skin.

• Repairing night cream for the face.  

• Nourishing and moisturizing face mask.  

• Nourishing and revitalizing hair mask, to be left on dry hair from 20 minutes to several hours before washing.



To further increase its benefits, the organic Pumpkin Seed Carrier Oil blends very well with other organic Carrier Oils and Hydrosols with complementary properties, such as: 

• The Blackberry Seed, Camellia Seed or Argan Carrier Oils.
For the hair: the Castor Carrier Oil. 

• The Geranium, Myrtle or Damask Rose Hydrosols. 

Florihana does everything possible to offer you high quality products, controlled by our laboratory at every step of their production.

The analysis sheet includes information about fatty acids.

Fatty Acid Profile

Pumpkin Seed Organic

Palmitic acid

15 %

Protective function

Stearic acid

5 %

Close to human sebum, nourishing, firming and protecting virtues

Oleic acid (omega-9)

20 %

Soothing, anti-inflammatory and regenerating virtues, maintains the skin's elasticity, suppleness and moisture

Linoleic acid (omega-6)

60 %

Maintains the skin’s barrier function