Ultrasonic Diffuser

Ultrasonic Diffuser

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Through a cold and silent diffusion, our Ultrasonic Diffuser provides optimal comfort.

Enjoy the natural benefits of your favorite essential oils or hydrosols by creating the scented atmosphere as well as mood lighting you prefer. With a smart and stylish design, this wellness accessory is ideal for all indoor rooms in your home, up to approximately 30m2 (323 square feet) of surface area. Easy to use and handy to carry, this portable diffuser will follow you wherever you wish.

This diffuser is delivered with a USB cable and user manual.

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With cold diffusion and suitable for both essential oils and hydrosols whose naturel benefits are maintained, this diffuser silently transforms an aqueous phase into micro-droplets (steam), thus guaranteeing you real sound comfort.

Equipped with a timer and seven LED lighting options, from pale yellow to dark blue through pastel pink and sparkling green, create your own fragrant ambiance for a relaxing time. 

Small-sized and refined, this portable format will accompany you everywhere: in all rooms of your home, up to approximately 30m2 (323 square feet), at work or while travelling.

How to Use


To enjoy our ultrasonic diffuser, choose the option you prefer: 

Water + essential oil: Fill the tank with water up to a maximum capacity of 50 mL, then add 2 to 4 drops of the essential oil of your choice.

Hydrosol: You may also fill the tank with hydrosol instead of water, up to 50 mL as well. 

Hydrosol + essential oil: If you wish, add 2 to 4 drops of the essential oil of your choice in addition to the hydrosol for added natural benefits.

Then close the lid and turn the diffuser on. Customize your scented atmosphere thanks to the timer and seven LED lighting options.

We recommend not to exceed 30 minutes of continuous diffusion for adults, as well as spacing the diffusion intervals as much as possible.

Ideal for all indoor rooms, up to approximately 30m2 (323 square feet) of surface area.

This model requires a USB port or power outlet when using a wall charger.

Our diffuser is delivered with a USB cable and user manual.



Diffusion technology: Ultrasonic waves, cold and silent diffusion for optimal comfort  

Surface area: Up to approximately 30m2 (323 square feet)

Capacity: 50 mL

Dimensions: Height: 11,6cm / Diameter: 6cm (4.57" / 2.36")

Timer: 30/60/120 minutes

Color: White

LED lighting: 7 colors 

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Ultrasonic Diffuser