The 5 juin 2020

Organic Frankincense Hydrosol

Organic Frankincense Hydrosol
Our Florihana distillery is pleased to introduce its brand-new 100% natural and organic Frankincense hydrosol (Boswellia carterii) from Somalia. This warm, powerful and enchanting product is one of the newest additions to our range of natural and home-filtered hydrosols, which you may browse through in the dedicated section of our website.

Globally sacred and with a fascinating past, incense - or Olibanum - was mainly associated with the worship of the divine and seen as a universal and priceless source of wealth since the earliest antiquity
. As the greatest perfumers of that time, the Egyptians used it, among other purposes, to burn it in temples as a means of communicating with their deities. Because of its scarcity and preciousness, this mystical substance was subject to many trades, first of all by caravan, from the Arabian Peninsula to the Mediterranean, and particularly profitable from the 3rd century BC. From the Latin "incendere" ("to burn"), incense also refers to the aromatic resin produced by the incense tree, the Boswellia. Originating from the Arabian Peninsula and Africa, this tortuous tree with small white or pink flowers and a strong spiritual representation is traditionally known for its powerful anti-inflammatories properties. From the distillation process of this precious oleoresinous gum extracted by incision of the Boswellia trunk is created the exotic Frankincense hydrosol with woody and slightly spicy fragrances.

Primarily sought after for its high anti-inflammatory, energizing and soothing potential, this product is ideal to help the skin regenerate, replenish and firm up itself, providing a delightful feeling of vitality and well-being. With its toning, strengthening and anti-ageing qualities, the Frankincense hydrosol is particularly recommended for mature complexions. Multiple uses can be made of it, for instance as a soothing facial, as a revitalizing treatment for dull skin, or as a firming neck and bust treatment. Intensely aromatic, this hydrosol is also renowned for its repairing and purifying features. By virtue of its healing power, it can be applied locally to small skin wounds and soothe them.

With numerous and well-proven effects, the benefits of the Frankincense hydrosol extend beyond the cosmetic field. Best known for favouring calmness and meditation, this mesmerizing product represents an excellent support for diffusion or vaporization within a room to contribute to your inner well-being and relaxation, helping your body recharge and regain energy. Its warm and enveloping scents will also blend smoothly into your bath, bringing you comfort, vitality and serenity at the same time.


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