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For several years, we have wanted to develop a range of skincare products that would use more than 50 % of certified organic ingredients. All our products are designed and manufactured in France, in our own laboratory with meticulous attention to quality.

99 % of Natural Origin ingredients in our cosmetic products.

All our cosmetic products have at least 50 % of organic ingredients.


Organic Ingredients

Natural Ingredients

3 Roses Face Cream
3 Roses Face Cream Creams
3 Roses Gentle Face Cleanser
3 Roses Gentle Face Cleanser Face Cleanser
Aizome Tansy
Aizome Tansy Face Oil
Damask Rose Organic
Damask Rose Organic Hydrosols
Herbal Base Cream
Herbal Base Cream Creams
Jasmine & Jojoba Shower Cream
Jasmine & Jojoba Shower Cream Shower Gel
Kin Berry
Kin Berry Face Oil
Lemon & Verbena Shower Gel
Lemon & Verbena Shower Gel Shower Gel
Midori Berry
Midori Berry Face Oil
Neroli & Petit Grain Shower Gel
Neroli & Petit Grain Shower Gel Shower Gel
Refreshing Mint Shower Gel
Refreshing Mint Shower Gel Shower Gel
Rose & Rose
Rose & Rose Face Oil
Rose Absolute
Rose Absolute Absolutes
Rose Alba Organic
Rose Alba Organic Hydrosols
Rose Centifolia Organic
Rose Centifolia Organic Hydrosols
Wild Lavender Shower Gel
Wild Lavender Shower Gel Shower Gel