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Your Summer Essentials

Your Summer Essentials

Summer is here and everyone is now relaxing, travelling, enjoying the great outdoors, sunbathing or swimming. However, it remains essential to protect oneself effectively against any harmful effects caused by this warm and sunny season. To make the most of summer, we would therefore like to suggest some must-haves with natural and beneficial properties. 

First of all, in order to prevent sun damages, it is usually recommended to prepare the skin well beforehand, at least fifteen days before the first exposures. To maintain the skin in good condition throughout this season, moisturizing and cleansing the epidermis, using scrubs or exfoliating treatments for instance, plays a crucial part. 



Regarding this first step, certain Carrier Oils with strong moisturizing, antioxidant, protective and regenerating properties prove to be ideal. In particular:

  • The Carrot Carrier Oil: Rich in vitamin A and contributing to illuminating the complexion, this oil is well-known for its antioxidant, protective and repairing virtues, thus efficiently preparing the skin for suntanning and helping to extend the tan

  • The Sea Buckthorn Carrier Oil: Full of vitamin E and carotenoids, with protective, revitalizing, nourishing and antioxidant qualities, its use is highly recommended to prepare the skin for sun exposure, as well as for after-sun care. As this oil penetrates the epidermis very easily, all skin types may enjoy its multiple benefits. 

  • The Raspberry Seed Carrier Oil: With its high content of vitamin E, omega 3 and carotenoids, this antioxidant, regenerating and moisturizing oil also acts efficiently to prepare and protect both skin and hair throughout the whole season. It is equally ideal as an after-sun care product. 

  • The Apricot Seed Carrier Oil: With a fruity scent and suitable for all skin types, this nourishing, moisturizing, toning and softening oil prepares the skin for the first sun rays and improves tanning. Also full of carotenoids, it helps the skin to better tolerate the sun, as well as promoting a radiant complexion and prolonging the tan.   

  • The Sesame Carrier Oil: Antioxidant due to its richness in vitamin E, this oil provides a high level of protection. Very penetrating, it regenerates, softens and protects the skin from UV rays.

  • The Avocado Carrier Oil: High in vitamin A, with antioxidant, moisturizing and regenerating virtues, the efficient results of this oil on sunburns are well known.

  • The Argan Carrier Oil: Fine textured, protective, revitalizing and nourishing, this oil neutralizes free radicals and offers very effective protection from the sun.

  • The Jojoba Carrier Oil: Containing a solar filter, this oil works as an excellent cutaneous protector and lubricant suitable for all skin types.  

The combination of these products with several organic oils or hydrosols with complementary benefits will increase the moisturizing and protective effects even further. Such products include the Geranium Rosat Essential Oil, the Rose Hip, Tsubaki or Prickly Pear Carrier Oils, as well as the Damask Rose or Neroli Hydrosols. 


The cleansing phase of the epidermis will be mainly supported by organic ingredients with purifying and cleansing characteristics, such as:


On the other hand, hair also requires to remain moisturized and protected from potential damages caused by sunlight, chlorine or sea salt throughout the season.

  • Very specific to hair care, the organic Castor Carrier Oil represents a first reference product with fortifying, protective and stimulating virtues.
  • Also essential is the use of nourishing and moisturizing hair masks to be applied once or twice a week. For instance, such masks may be prepared with the Coconut, Avocado or Tsubaki Carrier Oils.

Similarly, blends of nourishing, protective and toning organic oils and hydrosols will contribute to maximize the beneficial effects.  


During any sun exposure, it is absolutely critical to apply high index sunscreen, which can be combined with a few drops of the protective Carrier Oil of one’s choice, as well as to avoid the hours when sun rays are the most aggressive, i.e. from 11 am to 3 pm.

In case of sunburn, proceed quickly by using natural and organic products with proven soothing, healing and anti-inflammatory properties, such as:

  • The Lavender Spike Essential Oil: Truly calming and healing, this natural reference ingredient will quickly relieve any sunburn. When applied as a local massage, we recommend diluting 1 to 3 drops of Lavender Spike Essential Oil in 1 teaspoon of Arnica or Calendula Macerated Oil, for instance.

  • The Arnica Macerated Oil: Protective, revitalizing and nourishing, this oil promotes the healing of sensitive skins. As a massage, it can be applied locally several times a day.

  • The Marygold Macerated Oil: A soothing after-sun care, this product helps reinforce the natural protection of the epidermis and regeneration of tissues, providing the skin a true feeling of freshness. As a massage, it can be applied locally several times a day.



Since summer also involves insect bites, several naturally repellent essential oils will be a must when diffused (use precaution: diffusion should never be continuous). Such oils include those of Citronella, Geranium Rosat, Lavender Vera, Eucalyptus Lemon, Cedarwood Atlas, and Peppermint.

  • Express Moisturizing and Soothing Emulsion*

- 1 knob of cosmetic Aloe Vera gel

- 1 dab of Jojoba Carrier Oil

- 1 drop of Lavender Vera or Geranium Rosat Essential Oil 

Mix and apply to cleansed face as a day or night cream.

  • Soothing After-Sun Care Oil**

For a 100ml bottle: 

- 70ml of Carrot Macerated Oil 

- 30ml of Calendula Macerated Oil  

- 60 drops of Lavender Vera Essential Oil 

Pour all ingredients into a colored glass bottle, mix thoroughly and store away from light and heat.

  • Express Insect-Bite Care***

Pour 2 drops of Lavender Vera, Roman Chamomile or Peppermint Essential Oil on the tip of a cotton swab moistened with water, then apply to the bite for about ten seconds. 

  • Dry Hair Mask

- 1 tbsp. Olive Carrier Oil 

- 2 tbsp. Avocado Carrier Oil

Apply the blend to dry hair, starting with the ends, then leave on for about 1 hour before rinsing with warm water.

  • Refreshing Syrup

Craving something fresh? Simply add several drops of Peppermint or Lemon Verbena Hydrosol as well as a few ice cubes if you wish into a large glass of water.


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