Rose-Based Skincare Products

Rose-Based Skincare Products

Delicate and refined, with a unique fragrance, the rose has been prized for its many natural benefits since ancient times.

Moisturizing, antioxidant, toning, soothing, illuminating... This queen of flowers is also a trusted skincare ingredient.

Certified 100% natural and more than 60% organic, thus exceeding the 20% minimum requirement of the total ingredients set by the Cosmos Organic label, as well as entirely produced in our distillery, discover our line of Rose-inspired cosmetics for a daily fresh, luminous and delicate skin.

3 Roses Face Cream

3 Roses Face Cream 3 Roses Face Cream
3 Roses Gentle Face Cleanser
Face Cleanser

3 Roses Gentle Face Cleanser 3 Roses Gentle Face Cleanser
Damask Rose Organic

Damask Rose Organic Damask Rose Organic
Rose & Rose
Face Oil

Rose & Rose Rose & Rose
Rose Absolute

Rose Absolute Rose Absolute
Rose Alba Organic

Rose Alba Organic Rose Alba Organic
Rose Centifolia Organic

Rose Centifolia Organic Rose Centifolia Organic