Empty 125 ml Bottle + Spray (Airless)
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Empty 125 ml Bottle + Spray (Airless)

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Our Spray Bottle is the ideal container for your hydrosols, blends, mists and homemade cosmetics. A practical and gentle way to spray your formulas, this pump also protects them from external contamination thanks to its airless system (no contact with air and minimized oxidation).

Designed for single use only, our Airless Spray is delivered in 2 parts with an empty 125ml bottle and a pump to be clipped on the latter. There is no straw attached on the spray because it is an airless system that does not need one.

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Easy to use, this Airless Spray Bottle is designed to store and protect all of your homemade blends.

With a 125ml capacity, this resistant bottle will be able to preserve your favorite formulas: hydrosols, mists for the whole house and many other natural recipes.

Intended for single use only and made with recyclable materials, this spray is delivered with an empty 125ml bottle and a pump to be clipped.  

Before filling and enjoying your Airless Bottle, we advise you to clean and disinfect bottle with alcohol to ensure the cleanliness of all your blends or hydrosols.

Empty Bottles
Empty 125 ml Bottle + Spray (Airless)