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Winter Essentials

Winter Essentials
Winter is gradually setting in. In this new transition period after a beautiful autumn, our body needs to adjust again. Traditionally associated with cold temperatures and short days, this season is a great opportunity to take care of ourselves gently and prevent various winter ailments. Discover our suggestions of natural ways to spend the period in great shape and follow a perfectly suited beauty routine.

Note: before any use (oral, diffusion...) of essential oils with strong effects, we recommend consulting a health professional specialized in aromatherapy and cannot be held responsible in case of taking without prior medical advice.


A source of daily well-being, organic essential oils are first and foremost true assets for a healthy and serene winter. In particular:

  • Peppermint: Slightly spicy and very minty, this refreshing plant is especially famous for its energizing and invigorating action.   

  • Scots Pine: A symbol of longevity, this essential oil is characterized by its powerful tonic and stimulating effects. Well diluted, its delicate woody scent will also be appreciated in diffusion to refresh indoor spaces.  

  • Ravintsara: Immuno-stimulant and warming, this reference aromatherapy product is perfectly adapted for the season thanks to its energizing and restorative benefits.

  • Niaouli: Fresh, invigorating, energizing and purifying, this other must-have will help you enjoy the winter in tranquility.

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Against the cold and nostalgia of long sunny summer days, several organic essential oils with smooth scents are also recommended to bring warmth and comfort: 

  • Palo Santo Fruit: Deep and unique, subtle blend of warm, woody and spicy notes, this aromatic treasure with regenerating and relaxing benefits is ideal to enjoy a moment of calm as well as to recharge your batteries during the winter. 
  • Frankincense: Globally sacred and prized since Antiquity, this resin with soothing notes helps to promote calm and balance. Harmonizing, its woody and gently spicy essential oil will bring you a pleasant feeling of serenity throughout the season.

  • Sandalwood: This precious essential oil with a balsamic and exotic fragrance symbolizes transformations and helps to restore vitality. Warm and captivating, this powerful soothing oil promotes relaxation and quality sleep.

  • Sweet Orange: Traditionally associated with the festive season, this citrus fruit is one of the most consumed today for its natural benefits as well as its sweet aromas. Its essential oil with a delicious fruity fragrance is especially suited for relaxing and warming up during the period.

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Furthermore, due to colder temperatures, our reflex consists in eating more to warm up. Some essentials are therefore well adapted to improve digestive comfort naturally, including the organic Linden and Roman Chamomile hydrosols. With very soothing effects, the sweet and delicate aromas of those products may be enjoyed as an evening infusion, for example. 



Moisturizing, nourishing, protecting and revitalizing are the main watchwords of your beauty routine this winter. To prevent tight skin, redness, dry hands, chapped lips and dull hair, several natural and organic carrier oils will help you take care of your skin and hair gently throughout the whole season.  

  • Camellia Seed: A symbol of softness, this oil provides a great feeling of comfort to the skin by moisturizing, softening, nourishing and protecting it. Its regular application will also help restore shine and tone to your hair.

  • Brazil Nut: Very softening, this special care will contribute to deeply hydrating, nourishing, protecting and regenerating your skin and hair without leaving an oily film thanks to its dry and delicate texture.  

  • Raspberry Seed: The moisturizing and nourishing power of this precious ingredient makes it a great asset to prepare and protect your skin and hair from the winter cold. Also known for its illuminating effects, this natural oil will revive the radiance of your complexion as well as the shine of your hair.

  • Black Cumin: Also known as the « Oil of the Pharaohs », this product greatly contributes to nourishing, protecting, restoring and soothing the skin while reducing redness. Also enjoy its strong fortifying and revitalizing effects as a hair care during the season.  

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For even more natural benefits, we advise mixing those carrier oils with our rich, penetrating and organic herbal base cream or three roses face cream, as well as with complementary organic hydrosols, such as those of Rose which are deeply moisturizing, Chamomile, very soothing, or Neroli for a radiant complexion.  


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