The 8 juillet 2020


Resulting from the distillation process of a plant and with fragrant, flowery, herbaceous, woody, spicy, light or even warm scents, Organic Hydrosols (from the Latin "Hydro" (water) and the French "Lat" (milk)) provide many natural virtues, including therapeutic ones for some. Impregnated in water-soluble form with the same aromatic molecules as Essential Oils, the sometimes-unsuspected use of Hydrosols is in fact multiple, even capable of leading to original creations. Well-tolerated by all and with no contraindication, their beneficial effects are strongly appreciated since ancient times. 



With proven results and mainly sought after for their cleansing, purifying, toning and soothing powers, Organic Hydrosols are first of all widely used in the Care and Cosmetics field. Before use, it is recommended to identify the benefits sought (moisturization, radiance, tone...) according to the type of skin (mixed, dry, sensitive, oily...) or hair (dry, fragile, greasy, dull...) in order to select the products most likely to provide a targeted action with fully satisfactory effects. In general, these aromatic ingredients can be used singly, added as an aqueous phase to body and hair care products such as lotions, serums or creams, or as a blend with other Organic HydrosolsEssential Oils or Carrier Oils with similar virtues to further increase the results.

Here below are some suggestions of Organic Hydrosols by skin type:

  • Mixed: Hydrosols with soothing or purifying properties, such as the HamamelisLemon VerbenaNeroli or Wild Lavender, work perfectly;
  • Dry, sensitive or fragile: With regenerating and soothing effects, the CornflowerNeroliGerman Chamomile or Damask Rose are particularly suitable;
  • Oily or with imperfections: The Tea TreeWitch HazelCypressEucalyptus GlobulusWild Lavender and Peppermint Hydrosols rank among the most appropriate to provide purifyingcleansing and regulating effects.  

Regarding the different hair types:

  • Dry or fragile: Prefer soothing and softening Hydrosols such as the Damask RoseLindenGerman Chamomile...   
  • Greasy: The purifying and astringent Hydrosols of Thyme LinalolCypress or Rosemary Verbenone... 
  • Dull: The revitalizing and stimulating Hydrosols of Bay Laurel or Sage...  

Many natural care products and cosmetics thus incorporate Organic Hydrosols depending on their respective plant properties. For instance, the purifying and toning Peppermint Hydrosol can be skillfully used as a refreshing deodorant, to be applied locally as a spray. The Damask Rose Hydrosol, when combined with Tsubaki-Japanese Camellia or Argan Carrier Oils, can result in a softening and nourishing facial treatment with a subtle scent. According to individual needs, mixing and matching opportunities prove to be endless.



Beyond the beauty and care routine aspects, Organic Hydrosols also provide a great deal of benefits to promote well-being. Singly used in the form of misting or spraying, blended with bath water or massage oil, their beneficial action will be felt just as quickly. Here again, it is recommended to select a Hydrosol according to the desired effects. For instance :

  • Relaxing and soothing: Organic Hydrosols of Wild LavenderNeroliBay LaurelRoman ChamomileMelissa... 
  • Stimulating: Organic Tea Tree or Frankincense Hydrosols;
  • Purifying: Organic Eucalyptus Globulus Hydrosol;
  • Refreshing: Organic Peppermint Hydrosol.



With flavors as varied as their fragrances, and only in the absence of preservatives for internal use, these aromatic products can also be used to enrich dishes and drinks in often original ways. Very lightly, they should be mixed into culinary creations at the end of preparation, after cooking, so as not to alter the plant virtues. Thus discover and try out combinations with refined aromas for dishes, desserts, sauces, drinks or cocktails with endless creativity.

  • In the mood for a refreshment? Simply add several drops or Peppermint Hydrosol to a jug of water and create a delicious toning syrup;
  • Need comfort? Let yourself be tempted by an herbal tea full of serenity by adding several drops of Lemon Verbena or Linden Hydrosol in a cup of hot water;
  • A sweet tooth? The Neroli Hydrosol is an ideal ingredient for desserts and pastries, especially those with almonds or honey. Several drops of this Hydrosol mixed with warm milk and a couple of teaspoons of honey will also make up a sweet and soothing mixture to be savored in the evening;
  • Several drops of Damask Rose Floral Water will delicately perfume drinks, salads, sorbets or chocolates with red fruits, as well as exotic drinks, dishes or desserts, such as a Mango and Lychee Fruit Salad; 
  • Slight touches of Hydrosols with aromatic herbs, such as Thyme Linalol or Bay Laurel, will finely enhance the taste of salty dishes, like Grilled Vegetables with Thyme (Zucchini, for instance) or a Potato and Onion Gratin with Laurel; 
  • The Cinnamon Hydrosol will bring warm and spicy notes to winter dishes and drinks, such as an Apple Gratin or the traditional Hot Chocolate; 
  • The Wild lavender Hydrosol will also be a nice and original addition to some of your desserts, like a Crème Brûlée, Chocolate Cupcakes, an Apricot Pie or Apricot Compote, and salty dishes, such as a Grilled Chicken with Lavender and Honey;
  • And many more tasty creations according to seasons and cravings...



Our distillery Florihana provides Hydrosols that are entirely organically grown for the well-being of all. Artisanally distilled from fresh or dry plants and filtered on site thanks to a high-performance sterilizing unit, these products contain a maximum level of molecules and active ingredients thanks to an extraction ratio of 1:1, i.e. the equivalent of 1kg of plants for 1kg of Hydrosol, and are free of any preservatives, thus allowing both an internal and external use.


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