The 15 juin 2020

Our Precious Organic Japanese Camellia Carrier Oil

Our Precious Organic Japanese Camellia Carrier Oil
This month, Florihana is pleased to introduce its latest precious carrier oil of Japanese Camellia, also known as "Tsubaki". Natural and certified Cosmos organic, this ancestral beauty oil from Japan is extracted by an artisanal cold-pressing process from the seeds of the tea tree (Camellia japonica).

A symbol of beauty and an emblem of revival and longevity in the land of the rising sun
, the Japanese Camellia, or "Rose of Japan", is a shiny evergreen tree with dazzling pink, red or white winter flowers. Cultivated for centuries in Japan, where it was greatly admired by the samurai, in China and Korea, the singular Camellia japonica notably inspired the famous author Alexandre Dumas to write his epic novel "La Dame aux Camélias" - translated into “Camille” (1848), which in turn influenced the creation of the opera "La Traviata" (1853), one of the greatest successes of the composer Giuseppe Verdi. 

With its subtle smell and silky touch, the Tsubaki carrier oil, also known as green tea oil (not to be confused with the tea tree one), is mainly renowned for its nourishing, moisturizing, softening and protective powers. This Japanese elixir of youth is highly coveted in cosmetics for its skin and hair care benefits. Used by Asian women as a beautifying oil since ancient times, it provides a true feeling of comfort and smoothness.

Softening, this delicate oil rich in fatty acids is particularly suitable for dry, fragile and devitalized complexions by regulating the skin's natural moisture system and improving its elasticity. With its pleasant texture, this product can be used singly or combined with nourishing or softening creams, lotions and treatments for the face and body. It also blends harmoniously with other carrier oils, such as coconut, sweet almond and avocado, which are just as popular for their nourishing properties. A powerful antioxidant due to its richness in vitamin E and omega 9, this ancestral Japanese care is also highly sought-after for its anti-ageing virtues. For instance, it can be applied to the face and neck daily, morning and evening, as a serum to prevent premature skin ageing. Its application can be skillfully blended with other essential oils and hydrosols, such as the Rose, another renowned anti-ageing product. 

Also precious by virtue of its strengthening and protective effects against external factors such as pollution, the Tsubaki carrier oil moreover represents an exceptional treatment for dry or damaged hair and soft or brittle nails. Distinguished by its softness, this oil will nourish and repair damaged hair, providing greater tone, volume and shine. In particular, its dry and fluid texture will enable using it (on dry hair) as a daily care serum by applying small touches on damaged ends, which will strengthen over time and applications. Famous for increasing the resistance of the hair, the Japanese Camellia carrier oil also works perfectly as a hair mask to be applied from 20 minutes to several hours before shampooing. Moreover, its silky touch combines seamlessly with the fortifying properties of other carrier oils, including Coconut, Jojoba, Macadamia and Argan.  


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