The 28 novembre 2018
Did you know?

Why are we are selling our essential oils in grams? (2g / 5g /15g /50 g)

The main reason why we are offering our essential oils in grams instead of milliliters is because we want to make sure that everyone is getting the right weight of essential oil for each of the unique essential oils’ densities.

For instance, if you purchase a 15 g lemon bottle there will be in this bottle 15g +/- 0.03 g. On the other hand, if we were filling our bottle in milliliters (ml) a 15 ml bottle of Lemon will represent 12.75 g of essential oil due to the fact that the lemon essential oil density is 0.850. There is 15% more lemon essential oil in a 15g bottle than in a 15 ml bottle.

Most essential oils have a density inferior to 1 which means that this logic will apply to almost every essential oil purchased at Florihana.

You will get more essential oil than in a bottle sold in ml. Furthermore, companies are always purchasing essential oils in Kilograms. Selling them in milliliters is more lucrative. Indeed, with 1 Kilo of lemon you will fill around 67 bottles of 15 gr. However, you will fill around 78 bottles of 15 ml which means that you can sell more bottles with this conditioning method.

We decided at Florihana that it is more beneficial and fairer for our customers to purchase essential oils in grams.

Explanation of the previous example, the lemon essential oil:

The density formula:
d = m / v
d = density
m = mass (grams)
V = volume (milliliters)

In order to know the mass of a product according to its density, its density must be known.

The formula to calculate its mass (in g) is:
m = d x v

The formula to calculate its volume (in ml) is:
v = m / d

The lemon essential oil density is 0.850 if you purchase a 15g bottle it will represent in ml:
v =m / d

15 / 0.850 = 17.64 ml which represent 2.64 ml more essential oil than in a 15 ml bottle.


On the left a bottle of lemon filled in gram 15g (17.64 ml) on the right a bottle filled in milliters 15ml (12.75g)
The difference is clearly visible on this photo


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