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Essential Oils and Hydrolats Diffuser.
Florihana Ultrasonic diffuser is a very silent way to diffuse aroma in your home and office.


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This diffuser uses ultrasonic waves that agitate the water causing the separation of the water particles. Once the water particles are separated they become negative ions (mist). This diffuser needs an aqueous base to operate.

They are 3 ways to diffuse aroma with it:

Hydrolat + Essential oil
Water + Essential oil

Diffusion method : ultrasonic waves / do not heat
Size : height 11.6 cm / Diameter 6 cm
Timer : 30/60/120 minutes
Water capacity : 50 ml
light : 7 colours can be selected (can be turned off)

Delivered with a manual and a USB cable (Can be plugged on the computer or any devices using a USB port, can be also used with a USB wall charger for cellphone to connect it to a plug socket.)