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As part of its fifth edition, our Florihana distillery will be sponsoring Botanica2020, a prestigious international congress for clinical aromatherapy and herbal therapeutics launched in 2012. For the first time and to our great pleasure, this event will be taking place in a completely new virtual format from Friday 18 - Sunday 20 September.


This three-day conference and trade fair will focus on the themes of Efficacy, Safety and Sustainability within the world of aromatherapy and plant-based therapeutics. Over forty international experts, including aromatherapists, naturopaths, distillers, herbalists and farmers, will exchange with participants on their work and research around those various key topics. Altogether, more than thirty conferences and eight Master Classes will explore these themes in a virtual way.  

Among the planned lectures, visitors will have the opportunity to learn more about:  

  • “The life of René-Maurice GATTEFOSSÉ”, one of the founders of modern aromatherapy, presented by Sophie Gattefossé Moyrand (France), his granddaughter and president of the Gattefossé Foundation;

  • “The pillars of distillation: responsible, ethical, safe and sustainable practices for production and uses of hydrosols and essential oils”, by Ann Harman (USA), an organic farmer, herbalist and distiller; 

  • “The aromatherapy sector: does it have a part to play in nature conservation?”, by Sally Gouldstone (UK), a doctor of Botany and passionate about plant conservation;

  • “Plants in Peril: Essential oils and climate change”, by Kelly Ablard (USA), a certified aromatherapist who holds a Doctorate in Biology and an MSc in Conservation; 

  • “Natural Cosmetics: exploration of ingredients, safety, cosmetic effects and legislation”, by Nina Kocevar Glavac (Slovenia), an aromatherapist and founder of the Magnolija School for Aromatherapy and Natural Perfumery in Slovenia;

  • And many more. To access the full program of the event, we invite you to visit the attached dedicated page.


In addition, a forum and networking area with virtual trade stands will also be accessible from the first day of the congress. On request, participants may have access to the conferences and digitized documents from the various partners, which will be available up to 30 days after the event. 

As one of the main sponsors, we will have the pleasure to welcome visitors to our virtual booth Florihana where information about our brand, our history, our know-how and our different categories of organic and 100% natural products (essential oils, carrier oils, hydrosols and cosmetics) for aromatherapy and well-being will be available. We are also looking forward to exchanging with participants using the chat feature all along the 2020 edition of Botanica.

Rhiannon Lewis, host of Botanica2020 mentions “Florihana is renowned for its commitment to supplying quality essential oils and related products to practitioners around the world and I personally use them in my practice. I am both honored and delighted to be welcoming them as main sponsors of botanica2020!”


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