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2018-04-09, 15:21
I just got my first order from Florihana-so exited about it!!My overall experience so far its superb.I have an email communication before I bought the oils and it was real pleasure to deal with.The packaging ,the presentation of the bottles and quality ( managed to test 3 of them and compare with YL-Young Living) its beyond my expectations.Great thanks!!I am sure Ill be returning many time as I am a essential oils lover.!!Be well and keep the great work
2018-03-28, 21:19
Bonjour, j'utilise l'huile de nigelle bio pour la confection de ma gamme de synergies d'huiles base de nigelle et je n'en ai que de bon retour. Merci pour la qualité de vos produits et du traitement de l'expédition qui est rapide. Très bonne continuation a vous.
2017-10-30, 20:17
Thank you Florihana for your lovely essential oils and delicate scents. Great quality, nice packaging, Thank you for everything, keep up the good work! :)
Kenan Strujić
2017-09-11, 18:04
Lovely products, excellent customer service and affordable prices!
Anca Hoha
2017-08-17, 15:07
"J’étais à la recherche d'une meilleure alternative aux huiles très chères que j'utilisais auparavant. En ayant fait des recherches, j'ai découvert Florihana et j'ai décidé d’essayer. Je ne pouvais pas prendre une meilleure décision!
Que du bonheur! Le rapport qualité-prix est excellent et en plus il y a une grande variété d'autres produits comme des huiles végétales ou des hydrolats. Je les ai déjà utilisé pour des varices, des verrues, des bronchites, des douleurs musculaires et je suis très satisfaite du résultat. L'huile essentielle de lavande sauvage est juste MAGNIFIQUE! En plus, les petites boîtes pour les conserver sont très mignonnes : A essayer absolument!"
Kenan Strujić
2017-07-22, 21:21
If you looking for organic and healing products you've come to the right place. I'm enchanted with the quality and prices. Thank you Florihana!
Hannelore Doezema
2017-07-11, 10:19
I have been ordering from Florihana several month now. Every product I received so far has been outstanding. Love the quality & the price. Great job Florihana
2017-07-04, 08:21
My oils arrived, today....just now. They are incredibly BEAUTIFUL !! I am so very pleased with each and every one....I want to put them all on and wear them all day !!I am Jane Buckle's senior instructor so I have had lots of experience with many, different essential oil companies.

Thank you ! Thank you ! For the work that you do and all the care, attention and love that you put into each product. Your oils are superior to everything that I work with.
Rebecca Baldwin
2017-06-15, 08:27
I received my order this morning, I just want to say I love the oils I
ordered from your company. I can't wait to order more.
Pam Richard
2017-05-17, 12:10
Yay!! 3rd time must be a charm. If the best things in life are truly worth fighting for, your oils must be off the chart great!?? This is my first order and I have read great things about Florihana and am excited to get the opportunity to try them firsthand.
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